ESL One Cologne 2014 Championship

CS:GO’s next major community-supported event will be the ESL One Cologne 2014 Championship! Check out the original press release below:

Counter-Strike Community Builds $250,000 Prize Pool for ESL One Cologne 2014

Proceeds From In-Game Item Sales Support CS:GO’s Top Players

June 19, 2014 — Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Dota 2, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced a $250,000 community-funded prize pool for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) winners at ESL One Cologne 2014.

Taking place at Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany, the upcoming CS:GO tournament will feature 16 teams — the eight quarter-finalists from EMS One Katowice (held earlier this year) and eight teams from online regional qualifiers. The event’s matches will be streamed live by ESL.

The CS:GO crowd-funding initiative began in August, 2013 with the release of The Arms Deal Update, which offers players in the community special in-game items. A portion of the sales revenue from those items is then placed into a tournament prize fund.

Through this initiative the Counter-Strike community has funded three events, each among the largest cash awards in Counter-Strike’s history. The previous two community-sponsored events, the 2013 DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship and the 2014 EMS One Katowice CS:GO Championship, have also generated record-breaking viewing audiences with the latter event reaching over 240,000 concurrent viewers for the grand final.

One of the largest gaming events, Gamescom is a destination for gaming fans around the world with last year’s event hosting more than 340,000 visitors over the multi-day exhibition.

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DreamHack Summer 2014

Have you been following the action at DreamHack Summer 2014? The DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship is underway, and there’s much more to come.

Check this schedule to find out when the next matches take place!

Phoenix comes to a close

Today marks the end of Operation Phoenix, but you still have a chance to get a Phoenix Case – they’re currently dropping for all CS:GO players.

Speaking of cases, we’ve also updated the Huntsman Case and Community Sticker Capsule. Nine items have been removed from the Case and Capsule, and have been replaced by the items below:

Click here for more information about this change.

Operation Phoenix Extension

Great news, Operation Phoenix fans!

Operation Phoenix will be extended for a bit as we work toward the next operation. We’ll have more information as we get closer to that event, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to upgrade those Phoenix Coins. Don’t miss your second chance!

Looking for something?

If you’ve been browsing the Steam Community Market or watching your favorite stream on Twitch, you may have noticed some recent changes.

The Market now includes a set of advanced options to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, whether you’re interested in a particular weapon or collection.

Meanwhile, we’ve been working with Twitch to help CS:GO fans quickly discover new content:

When you visit CS:GO’s new advanced directory, you’ll be able to sort streams by viewers or by the caster’s skill group. You’ll also be able to search for matches taking place on a specific map.

There’s something new for everyone, so take a trip over to the Market and Twitch and let us know what you find!