Julkaisutiedot 9.7.2020

– CS:GO näyttää nyt virheilmoituksen, jos se käynnistetään Steamin ulkopuolelta.
– Korjattiin Luotetussa tilassa olevien pelaajien kokema päivitystaajuusongelma, joka aiheutui tietyistä kolmannen osapuolen sovelluksista.

Luotettu tila

CS:GO saa tänään muutoksia, jotka ovat osa jatkuvaa taistelua huijaamista vastaan.

CS:GO rajoittaa nyt merkittävästi sovelluksia ja tiedostoja, jotka vaikuttavat pelin toimintaan.

CS:GO käynnistyy oletuksena luotetussa tilassa, joka estää kolmannen osapuolen tiedostojen vaikutuksen peliin.

Jos haluat pelata käyttäen kolmannen osapuolen sovellusta, joka vaikuttaa CS:GO-peliin, käynnistä peli käynnistyskomennolla -untrusted. Huomaa, että tämä saattaa alentaa luottamuskerrointasi.

Interacting with CS:GO

Today we’re shipping an optional beta branch of CS:GO with changes that are part of our continuing fight against cheating. To help out, you can opt in to the beta by following the instructions here.

CS:GO now significantly restricts the types of programs and files that can interact with the game.

In the unlikely event that you launch the game with incompatible files, you will receive a warning indicating the incompatible file and may be blocked from joining VAC-enabled servers. To resolve the issue, you can disable the ‘Trusted Launch’ in your game settings, however this may temporarily impact your trust score.

For developers of third-party programs that interact directly with the CS:GO executable process, we have added requirements that will impact your software. Moving forward, all DLLs that interact with CS:GO will need to be digitally signed with an Authenticode signature. Additionally, we will block signed DLLs if their functionality interferes with the game in any way.

All for Dust

Amon Tobinin kappaleen “All for Dust” sisältävä uusi musiikkipakkaus on nyt saatavilla. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory -pelin alkuperäisääniraidan tuottaja Amon Tobin lainaa uniikkia estetiikkaa CS:GO-pelille… tällä kertaa putkivahvistimien kautta.

Pyyhi pölyt tämän pakkauksen päältä – pelionnea ja hauskanpitoa!

Enemy Spotted

Since CS:GO’s release in 2012, some of the most common feedback we’ve received has been about the challenge of spotting characters in the world. Because every map in the game features significant variety of lighting and detail, even characters designed to read well in a map might get lost when viewed from a particular angle in a particular location.

We’ll continue to address feedback about specific problem spots by making adjustments to maps, but today we’re also shipping several new improvements to the way characters are rendered.

Boosting Player Contrast

To improve character read across all maps and locations, we’ve added a new graphics setting called ‘Boost Player Contrast’ which is enabled by default. It’s a special post process filter that applies to stationary characters, creating local contrast so that characters stand out from the background.

This is now enabled by default and you can find the new setting in Video->Advanced Video->‘Boost Player Contrast’.

Here’s what it does:
— Increases the character’s contrast against the background at far distances.
— Strengthens edge pixels for characters at far distances.
— Creates a small blur around a character to reduce background noise.
— Creates a small contrasting halo around a character when there is no color difference between the character and the environment.

In addition to the changes above, we modified the textures of some character models (and custom-authored the coarse mipmap levels in some cases), and adjusted fog.

In CS:GO, fog is applied separately to characters and the rest of the world. To help characters stand out from the background at longer distances, we’ve decreased the fogging on characters across all maps (and slightly increased the world fog in Dust 2).

Map changes

In addition to the ‘Boost Player Contrast’ setting, we’re continuing to improve visibility by changing specific areas of maps.

A Closer Read

Jump into a server and see how the characters look!

Today’s update should improve character read in most cases, but we know that there’s more to be done. If you identify specific situations where you think the new tools aren’t helping you, please contact us at CSGOTeamFeedback@valvesoftware.com using the subject line “Agent Read”. Include an explanation of what happened and a link to a screenshot.