The IEM Katowice 2019 Major Begins

Tune in February 13th at 1:00 PM CET (4:00 AM Pacific Time) for the opening matches of the IEM Katowice Major Challenger Stage.

Watch the matches live on, in-game through GOTV, or on Twitch.

Purchase the Katowice 2019 Viewer Pass in-game and receive an upgradable Event Coin that unlocks exclusive access to Katowice 2019 Souvenir Packages and the Pick’Em Challenge. (Passholders should get their picks in before the stage begins for a chance at the Diamond Tournament Coin.) You will also receive free unlimited Team Graffiti for the duration of the Major and all-new team flair. Detailed information about Viewer Passes, Souvenir Packages, and the Pick’Em Challange can be found here.

Support your favorite teams and players with Katowice 2019 Team and Autograph stickers. As always, 50% of the proceeds from sticker and Viewer Pass sales go to the players and organizations participating in the IEM Katowice Major.

Katowice 2019 – Obiectele turneului

Campionatul Major 2019 IEM Katowice începe la data de 13 februarie. Urmărește cum cele mai bune 24 de echipe din lume se luptă pentru a deveni campioana următorului Campionat Major de CS:GO.

2019 Katowice – Bilet de spectator

Noul bilet de spectator Katowice 2019 este disponibil acum spre a fi achiziționat.

Biletul de spectator îți oferă o monedă pentru evenimentul Katowice 2019, care poate fi îmbunătățită, acces exclusiv la pachetele cu suveniruri Katowice 2019, acces complet la toate echipele din provocarea Pick’Em, utilizări nelimitate pentru orice graffiti al echipelor participante la acest campionat pentru întreaga perioadă a evenimentului și acces la noile embleme ale echipelor pentru chatul

De fiecare dată când îți îmbunătățești moneda, vei putea revendica un pachet cu suvenir pentru orice meci dorești. Suvenirurile vor evidenția unul dintre cei mai importanți jucători din acel meci, așa că urmărește Campionatul Major și alege meciul dorit!

Abțibildurile echipelor și jucătorilor

Abțibildurile echipelor și cele cu autografele jucătorilor sunt disponibile acum spre a fi achiziționate. Capsulele echipelor conțin abțibilduri holo și înfoliate, în timp ce capsulele jucătorilor conțin abțibilduri normale, înfoliate și aurii.

Alege oricare dintre aceste obiecte pentru a-ți sprijini echipele și jucătorii preferați – indiferent că achiziționezi abțibilduri sau biletul de spectator, 50% din veniturile obținute din vânzarea acestora vor ajunge către jucătorii și organizațiile participante la IEM Katowice Major.

From Abbey to Zoo

In today’s update we are saying goodbye to two Community-created maps – Subzero and Austria. In their place we are adding two new maps; Abbey, a bomb defusal map set in a Mediterranean village, and returning to CS:GO from a three year hiatus, we’re bringing back a community favorite, Zoo!

These new maps are only available in Defusal Group Sigma for Casual and Deathmatch, but in the coming weeks they’ll be added to Competitive matchmaking. As with previous Community maps, be sure to vote on your favorites with your play time.

High-altitude Wingman

51 stories up you’ll find the newest Wingman location – a revised version of Vertigo’s B site. Terrorists can make their way to the site three ways; by climbing an exposed staircase from T spawn, by moving through a new boost window, or through CT spawn. Counter-Terrorists will need to utilize utility, teamwork, and steady nerves to keep the site secure.

A local news helicopter is standing by to capture the action, so get out there and play!

IEM Katowice 2019 Minor Championships

The final chance for teams to qualify for the IEM Katowice 2019 Major begins on January 16th when the CIS and EU Minors begin. The top two teams from the European, CIS, Americas, and Asian Minors will qualify for the New Challengers stage of the IEM Katowice Major.

Following the Minors, the four teams that place third in their respective brackets will compete head to head in a last chance play-in match where the two winners will advance to the New Challengers stage. Watch the matches live on ESL’s pair of Twitch channels, here and here.

The full Minors schedule can be found below:

CIS: January 16th – 20th
EU: January 16th – 20th
Americas: January 22nd – 26th
Asia: January 22nd – 26th
Minor Play-in: January 27th

Detailed information on the Minors, including format adjustments and Play-in matches, can be found on IEM’s blog.

Winter Wonderland

Bundle up, it’s time to celebrate the winter season!

Toss a few snowballs and head over to snowy Militia, which is back for the holiday and currently available in Casual and Deathmatch game modes.

The C4 is all wrapped up, and chickens are sporting their finest festive wear–everyone’s getting into the holiday spirit!

10 Year Coin

The Ten Year Veteran Coin is now available to players who have been a member of the Counter-Strike community for over 10 years. To receive the coin, you must have a Steam account in good standing, and must have owned (and played) a game from the Counter-Strike series for over 10 years.

2019 Service Medal

When you become a Global General (Rank 40), you’ll be given the opportunity to reset your Profile Rank. After January 1, 2019 you’ll be able to receive the new 2019 Service Medal, an inspectable display item that will be visible wherever your avatar is shown.