ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals

The top teams from Europe and North America are set to clash as the ESL ESEA Pro League reaches the end of its very first season.

The event kicks off Thursday July 2nd, with the first group stage match at 12:00 CEST, and culminates with the finals on July 5th. Attend the event live, or tune in to the stream for coverage of the matches and more. Visit the ESL ESEA Pro League website for schedule, streams, and ticket information.

ESL One Cologne 2015 Qualifier News

Offline regional qualifiers for ESL One Cologne 2015 are still a few weeks away, but we’ll start narrowing down the list of potential Challengers this weekend.

Open qualifiers will take place June 27th and 28th, determining four slots for the North American and European offline regional qualifiers.

Which teams will manage to battle their way to Cologne? Stay tuned to find out!

Overwatch Out of Beta

Since the launch of Operation Bloodhound, CS:GO players have been busy upgrading their Profile Ranks. What have you been fighting for? Find out below, along with adjustments to Overwatch, matchmaking, and commendations.

Service Medal

You’ve made it this far, but there’s still a long way to go.

When you become a Global General (that’s Rank 40), you’ll be given the opportunity to reset your Profile Rank. In return, you’ll receive the 2015 Service Medal, an inspectable display item that will be visible wherever your avatar is shown.


Are you experienced? Starting today, players will need a specific Profile Rank before they will have access to Competitive Matchmaking. Right now, Competitive Matchmaking will become available when you reach Private Rank 3. We’ll continue to evaluate this restriction over time.

Overwatch Out Of Beta

Serving the CS:GO Community just got a bit more rewarding. Overwatch Investigators now have an opportunity to gain an XP reward by submitting a sufficient number of accurate verdicts while participating in Overwatch.

When you have a reward available, you’ll be notified in the Main Menu. Collect your reward by completing matches and earning XP in any official game mode.

Also, if one or more players you reported for cheating receives a ban, you will receive a notification.

Commendable Performance

Are you a natural leader? A great teacher? Just an all-around friendly player? In the scoreboard, you’ll find out who on your team has received the most commendations for each of those categories.

ESL One Cologne 2015

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship at ESL One Cologne 2015
CS:GO’s Sixth Consecutive $250k Major Returns to Cologne

June 3, 2015 – Valve today announced its next CS:GO Major Championship: ESL One Cologne 2015, featuring a $250,000 prize pool.

Taking place August 20 – 23 at the LANXESS arena in Cologne, Germany, the upcoming CS:GO tournament will follow the progress of the Legends of ESL One Katowice 2015, who will be joined by eight Challengers decided by offline regional qualifiers. The event’s matches will be streamed live via continuous high-quality coverage provided by ESL.

This event will mark the sixth Major Championship for CS:GO. The previous CS:GO Major Championships have all generated record-breaking audiences, with the most recent event (ESL One Katowice 2015) reaching over one million concurrent viewers for the Grand Finals.

With support provided by Valve, the CS:GO Major Championship at ESL One Cologne 2015 will showcase several new and special features, including the largest main stage in CS:GO history, multiple streams broadcasting every group stage match and playoff match, extensive behind-the-scenes footage featuring players and Counter-Strike personalities and—for the first time—offline regional qualifying events in Burbank (USA), Cologne (Germany) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

CS:GO fans will also have an opportunity to directly support their favorite teams by purchasing exclusive ESL One Cologne 2015 team stickers. At the previous CS:GO Major Championship at ESL One Katowice 2015, this crowd-funding approach generated more than $1.5 million for Legends and Challengers.

For more information about CS:GO, please visit

For more information about ESL One Cologne 2015, please visit

The Hunter and the Hunted

It’s that magic time where spring prepares to give way to summer; a time for fun in the sun, vacations, friends, and of course… a brand new operation for CSGO!
New modes, campaigns, and bragging rights await you… welcome to Operation Bloodhound.


The Global Offensive is ever changing, and with new conflicts comes new places to do battle… which you’ll get to experience FOR FREE.
Log – Cut down more than trees, as a long-ranged battle breaks out at a logging facility.
Rails – A decrepit rail yard becomes an industrial killing field in this night-time engagement.
Resort – Once a temple to excess and wealth, the luxurious Elysee Resort has been transformed into a high-stakes firefight.
Zoo – Terrorists have arrived at the Bay Area Zoo, and they didn’t come for the dolphin show.
Fan favorites Season and Agency are also making their triumphant return with Operation Bloodhound.


In addition to maps, all players will now have the ability to improve their Profile Rank by earning XP. As you increase your Profile Rank, not only will your CSGO profile evolve to show off your new title and icon; but the first time you rank up each week will earn you a weapon drop.


Like the operations before it, The Operation Bloodhound Access Pass come with a challenge coin and journal to track your progress… however the addition of Profile Ranks calls for something extra special. By purchasing the Access Pass, your earned weapon drops are pulled from exclusive Bloodhound weapon collections (Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Gods and Monsters, The Rising Sun, and Chop Shop).


Also included in the Access Pass are two brand new campaigns: Marksman and Revolution… each campaign brings with it a unique story, exclusive co-op challenges, and plenty of opportunities to earn xp.


Each Falchion Weapons Case contains a chance at one of 16 community-created weapon finishes, as well as a chance to gain a new (and deadly) addition to the knife family: The Falchion. This wicked blade can only be found in this operation exclusive case.

Chromatic Scale

We’ve updated today, with a few bug fixes and the all new Chroma 2 Case!

The Chroma 2 Case has a chance at a rare knife with one of the six finishes featured in the original Chroma Case.