Operation Vanguard

Welcome to Operation Vanguard, featuring unlimited free access to a collection of six top-rated community maps, and introducing Campaigns – a new and rewarding way to play CS:GO.

Join the Vanguard

With an Operation Vanguard Access Pass, you’ll gain access to a host of features.

Operation Vanguard features all new Operation Campaigns – forge your own path through a series of missions, earning extra Operation Vanguard Cases or weapon drops as a reward.

With your Access Pass, you can complete two missions per week in the two Campaigns included with the pass. If that’s not enough, you can take on optional Campaigns that will allow you to complete additional weekly missions and will send you farther across the globe. Complete a sequence of missions within a Campaign to earn Challenge Stars and upgrade your Operation Vanguard Challenge Coin!

In addition to campaigns, you’ll get a Competitive Scorecard to track key stats from all of your play in official competitive matches on Vanguard and Active Duty maps throughout the operation. Check out the Friends Leaderboard, and find out how you stack up against your friends.

Arms Race Update

Arms Race gets an overhaul with new rules and three maps previously restricted to Demolition mode. Will you charge through the weapon progression, or focus on taking down the enemy team’s leader? Check out this Arms Race Guide for all the info on the Arms Race update.

All this and more (including a new map in Demolition mode!) in today’s update, so what are you waiting for? Your Operation begins now!

ESWC Playoffs

Looking for the world’s best CS:GO teams? They’re competing at the 2014 Electronic Sports World Cup, which is marching toward the Grand Final this weekend.

All of the details, previous results, schedules and streams can be found here. Who will rise to the top? Tune in to find out!

Halloween Mask-erade

Ah Halloween: a time for costumes, chickens, and spooky fun.

This year the CS:GO team will be ushering in the season with an update celebrating all manner of holiday shenanigans.

Halloween 2014 - UPDATE

Each of our hardened operators have decided to have a little Halloween fun by wearing masks, be sure to look for masks from PAYDAY 2 and Team Fortress 2!

Ghost In The (Spent) Shell
Death comes for us all eventually, and during our Halloween event you once again have a chance to see the ghosts of your fallen friends haunting the battlefield.

A Murder Most Fowl
BEWARE! For with all these treats, also come tricks. For too long the chickens of CS:GO have idly watched as their brethren were slaughtered by the droves, and on All Hollow’s Eve there is no more room in Chicken Hell.

Prize Fighters
In addition to the seasonal fun, this weekend (Oct. 24-26) marks the FaceIT LAN finals. Not only is a $50,000 prize purse up for grabs, but this is a great opportunity to watch some of the top teams in the world. Marvel at their skill. Pick up a few pointers. But above all else: be thankful you’re not playing against them.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Introducing Music Kits!

CS:GO is filled with music, from the moment you reach the main menu until your inevitable death (hey, it happens!). And starting today, that music can help you establish your identity in the game: introducing music kits, available as a special offer for CS:GO players.

You can share your music kit with anyone you are playing with, and they include a special broadcasted MVP Anthem that plays whenever you are MVP.

Nine Music Kits are available now. They feature new music exclusively made for CS:GO by various artists and composers. Check them out below.

Grammy nominated game composer Austin Wintory asks, why bother hunting your enemies when you can lure them in with a deadly, admittedly insane, tango? Video Game Composer Daniel Sadowski delivers Edgy Action mixed with CRAZY FAT beats in this pulsating, exhilarating Music Pack. From game music composer Dren, this cinematic, superhero-metal inspired music pack puts the 'ill' into KILL!
Renowned dubstep Dj Feed Me, brings a western corral showdown into a modern electronic space. Dutch Electronic Trio Noisia brings a tough, cinematic feel with a unique blend of tradition and progression. Music to crush your enemies see them driven before you from award winning composer Robert Allaire.
Immerse yourself in this cinematic soundtrack full of soaring strings, pulsating melodies and driving drums from the world renowned DJ / Producer Sasha. From the composer of two of the world's biggest war games, comes a sonic loadout that will bring your enemies to Hell's Gate! A lesson in aggression from Metal producer, Skog.

Want a music kit? They’re available as offers in game, or you can pick one up now through the Steam market.

Turn up your music, and Go! Go! Go!

DreamHack CS:GO Championship


Marks Fourth Consecutive $250K CS:GO Major

October 3, 2014 — Valve today announced a $250,000 prize pool for the DreamHack CS:GO Championship at DreamHack Winter 2014.

Taking place in Jönköping, Sweden from November 27-29, the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament will feature eight quarter-finalists from ESL One Cologne 2014. They will be joined by eight teams to be decided by regional qualifiers. All the action from the Finals will be streamed live via continuous high-quality coverage provided by DreamHack.

For the first time, the DreamHack CS:GO Championship will feature a special boot camp – all teams are invited to Stockholm to train before the tournament, with support for accommodations provided by DreamHack and Valve.

The upcoming event will be the fourth $250,000 CS:GO Major tournament, pushing the total prize pool to $1 million awarded since last year’s  DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship.

In addition, the past season of Major tournaments generated record-breaking viewing audiences, with 3 million unique viewers “tuning in” for the last Major tournament, ESL One Cologne held in August of this year. Also in the past year, CS:GO’s player numbers for have grown by more than 250%, and content contributors have grossed more than $3.5 million dollars selling their items and maps for the game.

Valve is the creator of game technologies (Source, Steam) and numerous best-selling game franchises (Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress).

Hosted in Jönköping, Sweden, DreamHack is to date the world’s largest digital festival, and holds the official world record as the world’s largest LAN party in the Guinness Book of Records.

For more information about CS:GO visit  http://blog.counter-strike.net/

For more information about DreamHack Winter 2014, please visit  http://www.dreamhack.se/dhw14/