The CS:GO x Betabrand Think Tank

Earlier this year we launched the CS:GO Merchandise Workshop, and today we’re happy to announce a new way for the community to pick their favorite Valve and Community-created designs: The CS:GO x Betabrand Think Tank.

At the CS:GO x Betabrand Think Tank, you can vote for your favorite designs, provide feedback, and submit ideas of your own. Let them know what you think, and shape the future of CS:GO merch!

The end of Operation Bloodhound

Today marks the end of Operation Bloodhound, CS:GO’s most-played operation to date with tens of millions of hours played, millions of missions accomplished and many thousands of Turners assassinated.

For a full list of changes in today’s update, click here.

Ready for a challenge

Meanwhile, October is shaping up to be an exciting month for CS:GO, as we march toward the next CS:GO Major Championship at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca!

The eight challengers have emerged from the offline qualifiers: Cloud9, CLG, mousesports, Titan, dignitas, FlipSid3, Team Liquid, and Vexed Gaming. They’ll travel to Romania to battle the Legends and claim their place in CS:GO history.

Most Valuable Kits

Today’s update includes Music Kits from a bunch of new and returning artists, with a twist – you can now purchase Music Kits that track your Official Competitive MVPs!

To show everyone in your match how often you’re the most valuable player, head to the CS:GO main menu and see if you’ve got a StatTrak Music Kit offer.

All of the music kits below will show up as either StatTrak or non-StatTrak offers in your main menu, so if you’re not interested in tracking stats and just want to change your tune, look for a non-StatTrak offer.

Shadow Boxing

Today’s update introduces the Shadow Case, featuring sixteen community designed weapons, along with a chance to contain the all new Shadow Daggers!


This week we’re releasing a new player animation system for CS:GO. For a complete list of changes, click here.

The new system modernizes the player’s skeleton and hitboxes to better express at-a-glance exactly what your enemies and teammates are doing. We’ve upgraded all the existing body animations, and added some new ones like visible weapon deploys, bomb defusing, and ladder-climbing.

Upgrading classic maps and adjusting weapon balance are just some of the ways CS:GO is constantly evolving. We expect to continue iterating on animation in future updates, so jump into a game and let us know what you think!