The Challengers are Ready!

The qualifiers have come to a close, and we now have a full roster for the ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship! Click here to see the full list of participating teams.

Six top European teams qualify

The best European teams emerged from last weekend’s qualifiers. Newcomers London Conspiracy and dAT team are joined by Natus Vincere, Copenhagen Wolves, Titan and Epsilon (formerly Clan-Mystik). Congratulations to Titan and Epsilon for qualifying undefeated.

Wolf to represent India

Also joining us in Cologne: the winners of the Indian qualifier, Wolf. As a team, this will be Wolf’s first entry into a major CS:GO tournament.

With only two weeks until Cologne, these 16 teams will make their final preparations to fight for their share of the $250,000 prize pool. Follow the latest news, read interviews and more on the ESL One website.

The Road to Cologne: EU Qualifiers

The European Qualifier for the $250,000 ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship is reaching its conclusion. Join us this weekend (July 26-27) as we complete the roster for Cologne.

The following teams will compete for a spot in ESL One Cologne, with the top six qualifying to attend the event:

– Titan
– Planetkey Dynamics
– mousesports
– SK Gaming
– Copenhagen Wolves
– London Conspiracy
– tomtebloss
– Epsilon eSports
– Natus Vincere
– dAT team
– encore
– Reason Gaming
– k1ck eSports Club

Best of luck to all the teams participating in the European Qualifier Finals this weekend. Head over to the ESL One website for schedule and stream information.

The Road to Cologne: Qualifier News

Some more big news as we march toward the $250,000 ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship.

This past weekend the Oceanic qualifiers reached their conclusion. Congratulations to Vox Eminor, participants at Katowice, who were able to once again qualify for a major event and will compete in Cologne!

European Qualifiers

The European Qualifier is entering its final stage. The open qualifier will be taking place until Thursday – that will be the last chance for teams to qualify for the European Finals which will take place this weekend (July 26-27). At the finals, top European teams will fight it out to decide who among them will head to ESL One Cologne.

Indian Qualifier

One of the Legends of Katowice will not be joining us in Cologne, and ESL recently announced that they will be holding an Indian qualifier to decide the final team. Read more about the announcement on the official ESL One Cologne page.

Good luck to all teams still in the qualifiers!

The Road to Cologne: Qualifiers

The qualifiers for ESL One Cologne 2014 CS:GO Championship are running at full steam, with teams from all over the world competing to join the Legends of Katowice at the $250,000 Cologne event.

Congratulations to iBUYPOWER, who won the North American qualifier and will compete in Cologne.

European Qualifiers

Europe’s qualifiers have already seen the rise of top teams from the North, South-West and South-East, with four teams per region claiming a position in the European finals. The open qualifier remains (July 22nd – 24th), so there’s still a chance for your favorite team to grab one of the last four spots.

The top 16 teams from all regions will meet July 26th-27th to determine six of the teams going to Cologne. Find details on the qualified teams and the open qualifier at the European qualifier portal at

Oceanic Qualifiers

The Oceanic region saw the first of two qualifiers earlier this week. Vox Eminor, who participated at Katowice, as well as Qlimax, Fallen and Avant Garde, have taken the first step toward earning a ticket to Cologne.

The second qualifier starts on July 19th, and concludes with the finals on the 20th. Head to the Oceanic portal for more details:

Make sure you keep an eye on for more updates about the 2014 ESL One Cologne CS:GO Championship.

Good luck to all teams on their road to Cologne!

Summer is heating up

Today’s update introduces the all new eSports 2014 Summer Case, along with a host of updates to gameplay, maps, Operation Breakout, and more!

It’s been a little over a week since we launched Operation Breakout, and as CS:GO players have learned more about each map, we’ve had an opportunity to look at our data and see how each map stacks up.

In terms of overall playtime, there are some obvious trends: Black Gold and Castle have taken the lead in overall playtime. Meanwhile, in competitive matchmaking, Insertion has been the most popular operation map, generating over 32 ‘player years’ in playtime so far.

We can also compare preliminary map balance data to some well-known maps:

Here, even with just a week’s worth of data we can see that Mist and Overgrown are the most balanced of the operation so far, each only slightly favoring the T or CT side.

Community map makers have been quick to respond to your feedback since the start of Operation Breakout, so keep playing and let them know what you think!